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The War of the Seven Moons (English Edition)

BOOK ONE - The Lost Moondewer


Mysterious disappearances…

… are terrifying the people of Horalis!


The Imperium is behind these abductions but nobody dares to defy its ruthless police that hunts down and gets rid of anyone who uses magic... Until the day young Edhelja finds a medallion that awakens his magical powers.


Suddenly, he becomes an intolerable threat for the Imperium, as well as a new hope for those who still dream of freedom.


How will he defend himself against the evil sorcerers that the Imperium sends out to take him down?



You will love this action-packed YA Fantasy book because everyone loves a page-turner!


This book will be delivered directly by Amazon and has no author's signature

Paperback - The War of the Seven Moons - Book One (English Edition)

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  • 7 DAYS


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